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Dozor Design & Illustration is a communication arts studio founded outside of Boston in 1994 by Laura Dozor. She moved to Tucson for nine years, while many of the same east-coast clients who first grew Laura's fledgling studio followed her to the desert. She's recently returned to the Boston area, and client collaborations have expanded to Arizona and California. Clients range from non-profits and local businesses to fortune 500 marketing departments.

Contact Laura about your next challenging design or illustration project ~ no matter what your time zone.

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"Laura Dozor has been doing amazing, but more importantly, impactful design work to help me meet my communication objectives for years. Her recent print and outdoor ad designs for Bay Cove Human Services has helped the organization refine and solidify its brand image. Her work was so effective, it moved the management team to standardize the look across its web site and other communication vehicles."

— Bob Thomas, Bay Cove Human Services Board of Directors
    Boston, MA

Creativity paramount? Expectations high? There is only one feeling better than knowing Laura has agreed to work on my project, and that's knowing she will do more than solve the problem.

Invariably her work advances the sale. Uncovers hidden opportunities. And adds value to the brand.

As a designer, Laura's work is always fresh, creative, and brilliant. As a professional, she is strict with budgets. Careful about schedules. A generous and collaborative and trusted colleague.

I have been working with Laura since I first went into business. And I cannot imagine doing business without her. As much as I would like to keep her as a selfish secret, I recommend Laura highly to anyone who knows -- or would like to experience -- the power of an accomplished graphic artist working at the height of her skills to create design communications that make a measurable difference in the marketplace.

— Richard Riccelli, Inc.
    Charleston, SC

Laura, On behalf of the National Weather Service in Tucson and all the community partners associated with Monsoon Safety Awareness Week, I wanted to express my gratitude to you for designing the web site. The design is professional and lends itself to easy navigation. The web site is an important resource for the public to receive safety information about the monsoon, not only in southern Arizona, but throughouht the southwest United States.

— Kenneth Drozd, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service
    Tucson, AZ




  • "... Her work was so effective, it moved the management team to standardize the look..."

    - Bob Thomas

  • "... I would like to keep her as a selfish secret."

    - Richard Riccelli

  • "A generous and collaborative and trusted colleague. "

    - Richard Riccelli Inc.



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Bay Cove Human Services
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